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Nesting with Dandy Lions- A Guide to Understanding

What Does Nesting Mean?

“Nesting” in the home describes our inner desire to make our home our own, utilizing creative personal style and design ideas. Dandy Lions believes that every home should feel like a cozy retreat that has been carefully designed one piece at a time. We incorporate antique trinkets to add depth and character to spaces. Nesting can range anything from funky, colorful furniture accent pieces to a small, vintage candle lingering in the corner. At Dandy Lions, we believe in the subtleties in life and design. We believe our ability to nest and incorporate a personal touch into our spaces matters.

How Can Dandy Lions Help You Nest?

We offere a wide array of unique products that serve as nesting “must have’s” here at Dandy Lions! We carry everything from fun, fresh neutral pillows to small, decorative and distinct drink coasters. Our hope is to be able to offer every person who comes in to visit Dandy Lions be able to find something fresh, fabulous, and timeless in our unique crafty boutique.

Below are a few quick tips to helping you turn your space into a sanctuary!

Showcase while Storing:

Group sets of items you’ve hoarded collected to show them off—and save space along the way. Stack coffee table books and back issues of magazines. Use mason jars and glass vases to display petite trinkets.

Pay Attention to the Walls

Frame pictures and hang scarves or a colorful hat or two.

Engage the Other Senses

Light a candle! Dandy Lions carries a wide array of candles to choose from. Pick one that has a scent that sets the tone of the room you are working within! Keep prettily wrapped candies in an intricate statement bowl on your dining room or kitchen table.

The next time you visit Dandy Lions, ask one of our girls to help you “nest“!