Dandy Lions Gifts, Holiday

New Years Gifts at Dandy Lions

New Years Gifts at Dandy Lions in Maryville Tennessee. Come check out what we have to offer to make your New Years Day celebration a great success.

Need a hostess gift as you celebrate 2020??
This doormat will last much longer than any bottle of wine
-OPEN from 10-2:00 on NYE-

You don’t even have to be 21 to ring in the New Year with this yummy Prosecco [candle] 🥂🥂✨✨

Just a few remain of the 2020 Hymns & Hope wall calendars. (🙌🏽✨❤️)
Treat yourself in the New Year to beauty and encouragement.

Dandy Lions Gifts, Holiday

Holiday Gifts at Dandy Lions

Holiday gifts at Dandy Lions

Bundled by LOVE: sterling silver jewelry from @waxingpoetic available in single hearts through 5 hearts/nest. And that DETAIL

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Holiday gifts at Dandy Lions 2

Our fave stemless glasses tastefully monogrammed with a pewter insignia, handmade in Georgia now have a new wine bag for the perfect gift pairing.

Holiday gifts at Dandy Lions 3Sure is special when something was so well received last year that you want to give it again and again.
That is what we hear over and over with the Hymns of Hope wall calendars.

Thoughtful gifts are our specialty and these top the list. Come shop local with us!

The Giving Manger
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Dandy Lions Gifts, Holiday

The Giving Manger

We have a gift for YOU this #givingtuesday –

The Giving Manger is a heartwarming story of a father who tells his children, “there will be more gifts this year, the giving will begin on the 1st day of December.” The excited children are expecting presents each day, and are disappointed to find only a simple wooden manger on their table.

The Giving Manger at DandyLions

The father asks the children to find ways to serve and place a piece of straw in the manger each time they do. To give gifts back to Christ this year.

Being on the receiving end of service helps their attitudes shift and ultimately they find that serving filled their hearts and home with more love and joy than ever before.

So our gift to you is simple: would your family or one you know like to have your own @thegivingmanger this year?

Simply comment with your name, their name, etc. No need to “tag, follow…” – just let us know who would love this as much as we do and on Tuesday evening we will draw a name and gladly give one away.

[Just so you know, we are prone to ugly cry as we read this amazing story. It’s a true GIFT. ]

#dandylionsgifts #thegivingmanger


Check out DandyLions Gifts in Mayville Tennesse and for more stocking stuffer ideas visit Pinch Me Therapy.

Stocking Stuffers Maryville, TN
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Stocking Stuffers Maryville, TN

Stocking Stuffers Maryville, TN

Humpday survival 101: Pinch Me Therapy Dough is sure to cure what ails you with the yummiest essential oils.  We love carrying these products!  Come shop our selection today!  Read more about this awesome company below!


A squishable compound that’s designed to channel relief through the senses, naturally. This placating putty uses the proven scientific methodology of color and scent. They relate to relaxation-all in the convenience of a portable tin. Think of it as a handy little mood-shifter.
While it can’t take away all that ails you, it can help get you back to the center. This is so you’re able to face your stressors with the clarity that comes from a renewed focus.
Soothing scents
Science has shown us that our minds recall scents, and those recollections evoke emotion. When a pleasant scent speaks to you, it triggers positive feelings. Your blood pressure and heart rate slow. You’re more relaxed. Each of the scents utilized in Pinch Me have been carefully chosen for their pleasantly pacifying properties. Breathe in the relaxation.
Pliant texture

As you massage the dough, your body begins to release tension. Gently applied pressure steadily relaxes the hands as a gradual hush starts to wash over you. This subtle yet clever technique draws you away from feeling stress and prods your mind to focus on relaxation instead.

Calming Colors

The psychological effects of color have been studied extensively as they relate to body and mind. Also, pinch Me’s color palette was professionally designed to calm with each subtle hue.

Christmas in Maryville, TN
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Christmas in Maryville, TN

Christmas in Maryville, TN

It is time to decorate!  Time to gift!  Time to shop, shop, shop!  Come visit us today and create your wish list!  Or, come shop for the person in your life that deserves something special!  We have something for everyone here.


Just walk up to the original Harper Memorial Library in Maryville’s Historic Downtown. You will find some books here, and they are for sale! Along with some of the most sought after and fine-tuned line of gifts and stationery in the region. What is not for sale here? The instant smiles, great customer service, and forever friendships. Those are free to all — and abundant.
Dandy Lion’s Started in 2005 as an in-home stationery business. Created by stay-at-home mom Joy Forster Carver. The business outgrew its original walls quick. Now, with the same great welcome extended, but in a much larger and dynamic environment. Joy’s first love remains with helping brides find a perfect invitation. She creates custom designs and makes brides and their families proud to shop local. Now with a staff of 6, Dandy Lions is able to service all gift seekers. From holiday entertaining to everyday treats. Dandy Lions is proud to be in Downtown Maryville. We are very honored to help you each day with every one of life’s milestones.
We are sweet, savvy and sincere. Our staff is successful at bringing the best combination of gifts. Dandylion is proud to bring these to our local East Tennessee market. The selection of gifts is secondary to the relationships found inside these red brick walls. The greatest part of the Dandy Lions experience is that we make friends at every corner. Come see us … be our friend.
Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and keep up with new arrivals and products! We look forward to seeing you!
Maryville Boutique Jewelry
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Maryville Boutique Jewelry

Maryville Boutique Jewelry

Everyday wear from enewton design that perfectly merges beauty + practicality!  Dandylions proudly carries these stunning pieces of jewelry.

enewton Design

“You are born with style! Fashion either enhances or completely takes away from your style. Keeping things classic, current and timeless are important in fashion.” – enewton founder,
Elizabeth Newton spent a whole in the corporate and commercial design field. She found that her priorities changed drastically with motherhood. She is a proud mother and wife of four—triplet daughters and a son. Newton sought an opportunity to prioritize her family and career.
She founded enewton design in 2011 with a simple mission. It was to create beautiful and meaningful pieces. Pieces that touches both the gift giver and receiver. All through the creation of meaningful, versatile jewelry.
She originally gave her handmade designs to family and friends as gifts. But, after friends continued to encourage her to sell the pieces, the business boomed. She had a very successful $10,000 home trunk show. enewton became discovered at a local school by an Atlanta Apparel Emerging Designer committee member. Two months later, Elizabeth took a chance with a booth at the apparel market. During enewton’s first market, 10 retailers signed and Elizabeth realized that her simple mission was striking a chord with many.
Today, enewton pieces are in over 500 storefronts. The company continues to grow. This is thanks to all their supporters and retailers. It continues to create elegant, expressive designs perfect for any style and any occasion.
Boutique Winter Clothing Maryville
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Boutique Winter Clothing Maryville, TN

Boutique Winter Clothing Maryville, TN

YES, pullovers are not part of the Barefoot Dreams line!!  Dandylions is proud to carry this line.  Beautiful, comfortable clothing for everyone in your family!  Read more about the company below!

Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams Inc. was born in 1994. Founder Annette Cook set out to create a precious line of children’s products embracing her design philosophy. Also, a company that would accommodate her commitment to family. She envisioned a collection that was both elegant and soothing to the senses. Annette sought out the softest flannels, silkiest washable satins and coziest knits. All in an array of lovely and reassuring colors. Her first product had outstanding success. The signature receiving blanket, Barefoot Dreams soon became a nationally recognized brand. Also, it’s featured in numerous publications and television programs.
Creating a family-centered business was a priority for Annette. This was even before she had children of her own. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she is the fifth of six children in a close-knit and entrepreneurial family. Diligence, hard work and the importance of family above all else were core values Annette learned as a child. It also carried into her professional pursuits.
Shortly after launching Barefoot Dreams, Annette met and married Stan, the love of her life. Together, the two continued to grow and develop the company in Malibu. To their joy and delight, Barefoot Dreams soon became a family affair. This was with the birth of their sons, Grayson William, Chase Clayton, and Preston Thomas Cook. They are their greatest creations and ongoing sources of inspiration.
The Barefoot Dreams collection features a variety of soft and luxurious blankets and throw. Also, precious newborn and toddler wear, distinctive accessories and adult apparel. Barefoot Dreams is in 5-star resorts and spas. Also, is a top seller at major department stores and boutiques around the world.
Come shop this amazing brand today!
Bring home a fluffy friend
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Bring home a fluffy friend

Kids absolutely love animals and eventually will be asking to get a pet. It can be a dog, a cat, but to be honest, they would be happy with any sort of furry creature. Our lives are pretty busy and thinking about a new little friend around the house is such a huge responsibility, especially if the little ones aren’t ready to help with.

Until the time is right, they can settle on a different sort of furry friend, like a Bashful Pink Bunny from our friends of Little Jellycat, perfect for boys and girls alike. Or the little Bumbly Bear who is very likely to steal your heart.

Irresistibly silky soft and completely un-put-down-able, you may find them hopping into your basket more than one at a time! With gorgeous colors to choose from and with super-soft fur, fluffy friends are the perfect company for kids to explore their imagination.

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Make a foodie happy with these gifts

We all know that one person who’s obsessed with food, whether they’re looking to discover the next big cooking flavor or focus on creating tasty courses with unique ingredients. Foodies really are the best in their stuff, from kitchen utensils to delicious supper recipes, and it can be hard to find the best gifts for them.

But look no further for some thoughtful presents to celebrate your best friends and surprise them with a gift that no one else has come up with! Our wide selection at Dandy Lions goes from the wonderful Wind Willow gourmet food products to the most unique cooking utensils that will add your presents a unique touch.

Come check us out and let our staff guide you through to find the perfect detail for your loved ones.

Orange-is-the happiest-color
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Orange is the happiest color

The Tennessee tradition that won’t go unnoticed, especially on game day, is our bright color orange. It is everywhere from the uniforms, the fans and all over campus.

This color scheme originated back in 1891, when Charles Moore, a member of the original football team, came up with it because of the orange and white daisies that lined “the Hill,” the most notable spot on campus.

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination, health, stimulation, happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, freedom, expression.

Everyone in Maryville is excited about football days! Embrace your gameday spirit with some of our charming Tennessee treasures. We have the perfect gift for your biggest Volunteer Fan!

Go Vols!