Dandy Lions brings fall to you
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Dandy Lions brings Fall Favorites to Maryville

Dandy Lions brings fall to Maryville, and we could not be more excited to share! Today as we feel the breezy air and unload some of our new shipments, we can’t help but be eager beavers for fall-time just around the corner! Some of the most memorable and coziest moments in life happen during this time of year, and Dandy Lions wants to help you make the most of your season.

Dandy Lions brings Fall to your home

Seasonal nesting creates a feeling of peace, contentment, and happiness. Neutral spaces with pops of color are especially charming as the contrast reveals the perfect mix of clean and vibrant. Personal style extends past what you wear; personal style is a piece of your home, too. If you are a festive person, you will want to decorate with the seasons and show off your creative side!

A Home Should Always Be Two Things: Fresh & Fabulous

This year Dandy Lions has brought in some seriously awesome fall pieces! One thing we love is a beautiful wreath. A wreath is like makeup – it sets the tone for the whole house! Your body and your home is your temple, and you must decorate it.

Another decorative piece that can put your home into a total fall frenzy is our mini pumpkin placeholders! These baby pumpkins give us total PSL feelings. I mean, what better way to cozy up for the season than with a PSL, blanket, and complete fall decor in your home?

Come by Dandy Lions and shop all your Fall with us!