Boutique Winter Clothing Maryville
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Boutique Winter Clothing Maryville, TN

Boutique Winter Clothing Maryville, TN

YES, pullovers are not part of the Barefoot Dreams line!!  Dandylions is proud to carry this line.  Beautiful, comfortable clothing for everyone in your family!  Read more about the company below!

Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams Inc. was born in 1994. Founder Annette Cook set out to create a precious line of children’s products embracing her design philosophy. Also, a company that would accommodate her commitment to family. She envisioned a collection that was both elegant and soothing to the senses. Annette sought out the softest flannels, silkiest washable satins and coziest knits. All in an array of lovely and reassuring colors. Her first product had outstanding success. The signature receiving blanket, Barefoot Dreams soon became a nationally recognized brand. Also, it’s featured in numerous publications and television programs.
Creating a family-centered business was a priority for Annette. This was even before she had children of her own. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she is the fifth of six children in a close-knit and entrepreneurial family. Diligence, hard work and the importance of family above all else were core values Annette learned as a child. It also carried into her professional pursuits.
Shortly after launching Barefoot Dreams, Annette met and married Stan, the love of her life. Together, the two continued to grow and develop the company in Malibu. To their joy and delight, Barefoot Dreams soon became a family affair. This was with the birth of their sons, Grayson William, Chase Clayton, and Preston Thomas Cook. They are their greatest creations and ongoing sources of inspiration.
The Barefoot Dreams collection features a variety of soft and luxurious blankets and throw. Also, precious newborn and toddler wear, distinctive accessories and adult apparel. Barefoot Dreams is in 5-star resorts and spas. Also, is a top seller at major department stores and boutiques around the world.
Come shop this amazing brand today!

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