Bring home a fluffy friend
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Bring home a fluffy friend

Kids absolutely love animals and eventually will be asking to get a pet. It can be a dog, a cat, but to be honest, they would be happy with any sort of furry creature. Our lives are pretty busy and thinking about a new little friend around the house is such a huge responsibility, especially if the little ones aren’t ready to help with.

Until the time is right, they can settle on a different sort of furry friend, like a Bashful Pink Bunny from our friends of Little Jellycat, perfect for boys and girls alike. Or the little Bumbly Bear who is very likely to steal your heart.

Irresistibly silky soft and completely un-put-down-able, you may find them hopping into your basket more than one at a time! With gorgeous colors to choose from and with super-soft fur, fluffy friends are the perfect company for kids to explore their imagination.

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