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Make a foodie happy with these gifts

We all know that one person who’s obsessed with food, whether they’re looking to discover the next big cooking flavor or focus on creating tasty courses with unique ingredients. Foodies really are the best in their stuff, from kitchen utensils to delicious supper recipes, and it can be hard to find the best gifts for them.

But look no further for some thoughtful presents to celebrate your best friends and surprise them with a gift that no one else has come up with! Our wide selection at Dandy Lions goes from the wonderful Wind Willow gourmet food products to the most unique cooking utensils that will add your presents a unique touch.

Come check us out and let our staff guide you through to find the perfect detail for your loved ones.

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Teacher Gift Ideas

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Gift Ideas for Teachers

Teachers rock.  They work so hard and are often not fully appreciated for all that they do during and after school hours.  Show them some love and let them know how much they have meant to your child!

Here are some ideas for the teacher in your life!

1.  A Heartfelt Letter

The best thing that you can give to a teacher is a heartfelt letter thanking them for the help that they have given your child.  Use specific examples of the positive growth and changes that you have seen in your child.

Dandy Lions has an assortment of beautiful stationary perfect for a sweet, meaningful letter.

2. A Gift Directly From Your Child

What could mean more than a gift that has been hand picked by a student?  Teachers treasure specific, thoughtful gifts that come directly from the students they pour their lives into.

Come shop our boutique for unique, beautiful gifts!  We’ve got what you’re looking for!

3. Something Really Great for the Classroom…or help!!

Teachers love help.  At the end of the year a high school student could stay after with a friend one day and help their teacher clean up and organize so that she too can get started on summer.  Or the parent of an elementary student could volunteer in the classroom!

These are just a few tips for the teacher in your life!  Come check us out for gift inspiration!  We are located in beautiful Maryville, TN!  Shop us online, or look us up on Facebook!  Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates and new items!