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Habits of a Thoughtful Gift Giver

‘Tis the season for giving.  Looking to get in touch with your generous side? Embrace these habits of a truly thoughtful gift giver.

The thoughtful gift giver plans ahead of time.

Considerate gift giving is as much about planning as it is about how well you know the person.  What are there interests?  What is their personality like?  Get to know the wants as well as the needs of those you are buying for.

Thoughtful gift givers don’t focus on cost.

The practice of thoughtful giving offers a wealth of benefits, but that doesn’t mean givers should focus on big price tags. In fact, thoughtful gift givers should not dwell on the cost of presents.  Isn’t compassion what this time of year is all about? So don’t worry if you don’t have a lot to spend. Instead, get creative.

They make gifts personal.

Gifting is an opportunity to let a person know how much you appreciate and love them, and it also shows how well you know them.

Take time to listen to people.  Remember the little things.

And they enjoy giving more than receiving.

Nothing beats the feeling of giving a gift.   Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbra found that people would rather take on costs themselves in order to help others.


Here at Dandy Lions, we want to help you be the perfect gift giver this year, and in the years to come!  Stop by and see what we have to offer to you, and the special people in your life!



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