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Dandy Lions Gifts

Maryville Gifts for Christmas

Maryville Gifts for Christmas at Dandylions!

What to Gift

Everyone is starting to make their Christmas lists and starting to shop. This is not the year of re-gifting! NO, this year is the year we all go into the store knowing what to get our friends and family. This is the year we know exactly what to ask for.
Some of my favorite go to gifts are clothes. What girl on this earth doesn’t like clothes. They are hard to come by. So when you have no idea what to ask for or what to get your friend for Christmas you can never go wrong with a sweater. You don’t want to offend them with the size you choose. In this case, you can buy an over-sized sweater. This way no hurt feelings and you bought them their dream cozy sweater.
Another gift you can never go wrong with are with fuzzy socks or a candle. You can never have enough of either. Fuzzy socks are a girls best friend. Recently some companies have been making them with aloe in them or grips on the bottoms. Also, candles aren’t something you would buy for yourself. Either asking for them or gifting them you can never go wrong. A holiday scent is always a fun way to stick to the holiday theme as well.

Dandy Lions is your one stop shop!

These are a few simple ideas on which direction you can take when deciding what to gift this Christmas. There is no way you could go wrong with any of these few options. No matter what you ask for or what you gift, Christmas is still the best time of the year. Being around friends and family is a gift in itself, so get excited the holiday season is creeping up fast!
Dandylions in Maryville is your one stop shop for Christmas this year. We have a little bit of something for everyone! Come see us!

Maryville Boutique Welcomes Back UT Football

On Saturday, We Wear Orange: Shop Local for Game Day

 Dandy Lion’s Gifts has the necessities for gameday!If you listen closely, you will hear a familiar sound rising out of Neyland Stadium. In a matter of  days, The Pride of the Southland Band will be joined by a chorus of fans singing “Rocky Top” and cheering at the top of their lungs for the Tennessee Volunteers.
maryville boutique

Clear bag policy

As much as I love going to the games, one of my favorite traditions doesn’t involve football at all, but rather the pre-game activity of choosing just the right outfit. In East Tennessee, orange and white should be worn as often as possible — for cheering on the Vols and all the other great fall activities around town.


This can really be a major stressor when you’re just trying to get to the game.  We’ve got a great map on the site – just look for the big blue “P” and find a spot.  Don’t park in the shaded orange areas and you’ll be good to go.  Here’s a sampling of price breakdown:

  • Closest to campus – Poplar St lot – $40
  • Downtown garages – $20 – Main Ave, Dwight Kessel, City County Bldg, and Locust St
  • Downtown – Civic Coliseum Garage & Blackstock Lot – $10
  • Free garages – State Street & Market Square

Bag Policy

Can you bring that bag or not?  UT requires clear bags only in Neyland Stadium for safety and can’t be larger than 12”x 6” x 12”.  Our page provides images of what you can and can’t bring into the stadium.

Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) Shuttle

There are several KAT shuttles that will get you to the game with ease, and they’re only $4!  Our site lists all the stops whether you’re coming from East, South, North, West*, or Northwest.  All routes will take you to the downtown Knoxville Station.  From there, simply go to platform “O” to board Route 11-Kingston Pike which departs every 30 minutes.  Get off at UT: Cumberland/James Agee Street.

*UT: Cumberland/James Agee is the stop before Knoxville Station on the West Route, so hop off here and you’re where you need to be!

If you’re visiting from out of town, Gentry School Bus Lines also has shuttles to most of Knoxville’s hotels.  The price is $20 per person round trip.

Dandy Lions brings fall to you
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Dandy Lions brings Fall Favorites to Maryville

Dandy Lions brings fall to Maryville, and we could not be more excited to share! Today as we feel the breezy air and unload some of our new shipments, we can’t help but be eager beavers for fall-time just around the corner! Some of the most memorable and coziest moments in life happen during this time of year, and Dandy Lions wants to help you make the most of your season.

Dandy Lions brings Fall to your home

Seasonal nesting creates a feeling of peace, contentment, and happiness. Neutral spaces with pops of color are especially charming as the contrast reveals the perfect mix of clean and vibrant. Personal style extends past what you wear; personal style is a piece of your home, too. If you are a festive person, you will want to decorate with the seasons and show off your creative side!

A Home Should Always Be Two Things: Fresh & Fabulous

This year Dandy Lions has brought in some seriously awesome fall pieces! One thing we love is a beautiful wreath. A wreath is like makeup – it sets the tone for the whole house! Your body and your home is your temple, and you must decorate it.

Another decorative piece that can put your home into a total fall frenzy is our mini pumpkin placeholders! These baby pumpkins give us total PSL feelings. I mean, what better way to cozy up for the season than with a PSL, blanket, and complete fall decor in your home?

Come by Dandy Lions and shop all your Fall with us!

dandylions nesting
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Dandy Lions Gifts

Nesting with Dandy Lions- A Guide to Understanding

What Does Nesting Mean?

“Nesting” in the home describes our inner desire to make our home our own, utilizing creative personal style and design ideas. Dandy Lions believes that every home should feel like a cozy retreat that has been carefully designed one piece at a time. We incorporate antique trinkets to add depth and character to spaces. Nesting can range anything from funky, colorful furniture accent pieces to a small, vintage candle lingering in the corner. At Dandy Lions, we believe in the subtleties in life and design. We believe our ability to nest and incorporate a personal touch into our spaces matters.

How Can Dandy Lions Help You Nest?

We offere a wide array of unique products that serve as nesting “must have’s” here at Dandy Lions! We carry everything from fun, fresh neutral pillows to small, decorative and distinct drink coasters. Our hope is to be able to offer every person who comes in to visit Dandy Lions be able to find something fresh, fabulous, and timeless in our unique crafty boutique.

Below are a few quick tips to helping you turn your space into a sanctuary!

Showcase while Storing:

Group sets of items you’ve hoarded collected to show them off—and save space along the way. Stack coffee table books and back issues of magazines. Use mason jars and glass vases to display petite trinkets.

Pay Attention to the Walls

Frame pictures and hang scarves or a colorful hat or two.

Engage the Other Senses

Light a candle! Dandy Lions carries a wide array of candles to choose from. Pick one that has a scent that sets the tone of the room you are working within! Keep prettily wrapped candies in an intricate statement bowl on your dining room or kitchen table.

The next time you visit Dandy Lions, ask one of our girls to help you “nest“!

best father's day gift ever
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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Basket

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day being just around the corner, what better way to say “I love you, Dad” than with a local, made-in-America gift? Duke Cannon Supply Co. makes the perfect gift for the dad you love: Big American Bourbon Soap! It is practical and fun, something that special dad would really love! The “oak barrel” scent is our favorite because it brings the perfect hints of clean and masculine, leaving our favorite dads feeling nice and ready to conquer their day.

Another fun gift we have ready for you is a local favorite, our Tennessee Stamped wine glasses. These are also made in America, and they are great for our dads who are UT football fans! (I mean, what dads don’t love our local Vols?!)

Making the Perfect Gift Basket

For those of you who are looking to go a little above and beyond this Father’s Day, a great way to incorporate these items into a larger token of appreciation for Dad is to add them to a gift basket! To create the perfect Father’s Day basket, follow instructions below:

First, visit our local Hobby Lobby. Purchase one medium sized brown wicker basket.

Second, visit local wine or grocery store such as Kroger. Pick up Dad’s favorite bottle of wine (or preferred beverage to pair with our Tennessee glass).

Finally, come see us at Dandy Lions to pick up your Duke Cannon soap and Tennessee wine glass, and let us do the rest! We will happily wrap your gift basket for you!

We also supply a wide variety of cards to choose from, as well as card stock, so that you can even write Dad a loving note about why he means so much to you! Father’s Day is all about making the wonderful dads out there feel appreciated, and we at Dandy Lions truly want to help you make your dad feel adored on this special day!

mothers day
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Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Great Mother’s Day Gifts

We’re willing to bet that your mom is one of the most important ladies in your life. We’re also willing to bet that’s part of what makes it so hard to find just the right thing for her when her special day comes around. You want to find something she’ll use all the time, but it can’t be strictly utilitarian—you want to find something with a sentimental spin, too. But overthinking it is only going to make the whole process harder… and before you know it, it’ll be the day before Mother’s Day and you’ll still be empty-handed (now that’s stressful!). Instead, think about what makes your mom happy (besides you, of course!). Does she like to garden? Or maybe she’d rather spend her afternoon reading in a cozy nook? Anything that brings her a bit of inner peace in an always-on world is likely to win her over. Some are just right for gardeners or readers, others are just right for those techies out there, and even more are simply sweet and could suit just about anyone.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of cash on mom-it’s about the quality time. Whether she likes to stay in or venture out. Here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day this year, 2018.

#1: Make Dinner Together

#2: Go on a rad teip

#3: Plan a pinic

#4: Clean the house

#5: Finish the honey-do list

#6: Get a massage

#7: Go strawberry picking

#8: Set up a scavenger hunt


Check out Dandy Lions Gifts for some great gift ideas for your Mom this year!


My favorite Mother’s Day quote is, “My mom is definitely my rock and glue that hold us all together.”

breakfast in bed
Dandy Lions Gifts

Here Comes the Bride!

Dandy Lion Boutique Wedding

Dandy Lion Boutique Wedding Invite


Your special day is coming, and the special people in your life need to know!  If you are looking for a custom, beautiful wedding invitation with a personal touch, you’ve found it!  Dandy Lion Boutique has exactly what you are looking for!  We make custom invitations that will match your perfect day!  Come in and shop with us to find your perfect match!


Dandy Lion Boutique Wedding Invitation

Dandy Lion Boutique Wedding Invite

Come shop our styles and options!  Spend the day in beautiful downtown Maryville, TN!  Check us out on Facebook as well!  We look forward to seeing you soon!



Dandy Lions Gifts

Weekend Lover

Dandy Lions has your weekend gear!  Including BRAND NEW Corkcicle tumblers and canteens!  We have all their new colors so come pick your favorite!  Maryville, TN has all the sights and attractions, so while you’re here, come by and shop with us and find all your fun weekend needs!

How perfect is this custom leather tri-star koozie?!  You know you need one, and we have the perfect one!

We look forward to seeing you this summer at Dandy Lions!  Check us out on Facebook for more!

Dandy Lions Gifts

School Is Fast Approaching

We are feeling the mid summer heat, but of course, that also means that the school year is fast approaching!  Dandy Lions Gifts wants to be sure you are ready!

You can never be too ready, and you can never be too ready too soon!

We have got your organizing needs already met!  Come shop our planners, pens, stationaries, and so much more of what you need to get ready for the crazy school year!

We are located in beautiful Maryville, TN!  Come by and shop with us!  Also, check us out on Facebook!


Dandy Lions Gifts

Summer Time

Summer is finally here!  Downtown Maryville, TN is already a hot spot to hang out on a summer day.  While you’re around, come shop with us for some of the hottest, and trendy gifts and souvenir shopping you’ll find in East Tennessee!

TN Glass Ware

TN Glass Ware

Dandylions also has cute outdoor wear for outings!  Check out these adorable Tennis bags now in our shop!

Tennis Bag

Tennis Bag

We have got so much more to offer!  Come check out our TN t-shirts and customizable Tennessee glass ware and so much more!  We look forward to seeing you!